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AAT - Formerly Alaska Aviation Toxicology


AAT, Inc. (formerly Alaska Aviation Toxicology, Inc.) has been supplying comprehensive drug abatement and alcohol misuse prevention programs for regulated and non-regulated industries since the inception of US Department of Transportation rules. Formed in 1989, AAT received the first FAA anti-drug plan approval in Alaska and the second approval in the United States.


  Initially, services were aimed primarily at the aviation industry, and AAT continues to serve the vast majority of FAR part 121 and Part 135 operators in Alaska. However, other DOT-regulated and non-regulated companies requested our services, and we now provide a broad range of services to companies operating under all DOT operating administrations, as well as programs designed for non-regulated industries.


  Although a number of service providers supply drug and alcohol testing services, AAT has long recognized that actual testing is only a small component of a properly run program. Therefore, our emphasis is on program management, with total integration of testing, review, evaluation, education and policy issues. All aspects of our services are rendered only by professionals holding the highest possible credentials and certification, and fully meet all 
specifications of DOT (49 CFR Part 40) as revised.



Drug & Alcohol Regulations


 FAA Office Of Aerospace Medicine
 PHMSA Office Of Pipeline Safety
 FMCSA Carrier Safety Association
 USCG Marine Safety
 Federal Railroad Administration
 US Dept. of Transportation

 Additional DOT Agency Information

 Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)



National Weather Service - Alaska Region

Alaska Airport Photo Library

Magellan Health Services





FAA Office Of Aerospace Medicine

Provides information about the office, key personnel, aeromedical reference, plans, Links, & certification information.


PHMSA Office Of Pipeline Safety

About the drug & Alcohol Regulation, Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Self-Assessment Program, & has a Model Anti-Drug Plan & Model Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan.


FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association
Contains many .pdf & text files on regulations, facts, figures, and safety programs involved with motor carriers.


USCG Marine Safety

Contains overview, FAQS, FOIA, search, & contact information


FRA Federal Railroad Administration

Information about railroad safety, including switching personnel, legislation, safety, and high-speed ground transportation.


Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance

The Secretary of Transportation established the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance to develop policy, provide guidance and offer consultation on drug and alcohol issues within the transportation industry.






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